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  • Welcome to my intenet page website.

    This internet is a place full of interesting information and pictures inside it. It’s a fun place! But sometimes it’s a dangerous place. Sometimes you get links to gambling and Miley Cyprus by accident. But there are also cat videos, which is good.

    I hope you like my internet page website. This is where you can see my learning videos, play my songs and find out everything you want to know about me, Luis, from Lessons with Luis. Click these words to read about me.

    Did you know I’m putting on a new show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival? It’s my first solo show with Luelin. Would you like to come? Click here to read about it please.

  • Featured

      • 09 Apr 2014

        Famous with Luis and Andrew Fyfe

        In episode two of my popular interview show, I interviewed Andrew Fyfe. He’s the cartoonist on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. He drew my face like a Bugs Bunny cartoon and taught me hand pushups.   Can…

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      • 13 Feb 2014

        By Myself – MICF 2014

        With a microphone in one hand and funny jokes to spare, set your alarms to comedy o’clock and wake up to get ready for Luis’s brand new Melbourne International Comedy Festival show! From singer to…

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  • Songs

      • 15 Jan 2012


        This is a cover of the famous song “Friday”, by Rebecca Black by me, Luis. I hope you like it. Please share my video with your friends and family so I can be famous like Justine Beaver.

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  • Funny Jokes

      • 18 Feb 2012

        Funny Joke Number 3

        This is my third funny joke. We spent lots of time making special props for it.

        If you liked my funny jokes, maybe you can come to the comedy festival show me and my family are making.

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  • Learning Videos

      • 30 Jan 2012

        Dancing with Someone Else

        Dancing alone can be fun. Correct. But Dancing with Someone Else can also be funner! In this learning-video, my lucky last music one, I teach you dance moves you can do when dancing with someone…

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