Me (Luis) in the media

On this page I will put links to interviews on the radio, in newspapers, on the internet or on television. I will also link things when people write stories or reviews about me and my family.


Me on the radio

  • Triple J interview (14 minutes in) – This is where I was interviewed on the Triple J Breakfast Show about my family winning Raw Comedy. I don’t think Tim and Alex liked my funny jokes very much. But that’s OK. I will try harder next time.
  • Triple R interview (33 minutes in) – This is where I was interviewed on RRR radio in Melbourne. Both of the hosts were called Kate.

Me in the newspaper

  • Herald Sun interview - I was interviewed for the newspaper when my family won Raw Comedy. Even Mr Bianchi cut it out and put it on his fridge.

Me on the internet

  • story – The nice people from the website wrote about us winning Raw Comedy.
  • Squirrel comedy story – Squirrel comedy wrote about our Raw Comedy win. They are also nice, but they not real squirrels though.
  • Interview with T-Squat – This is where I spoke with T-Squat about Kidney Kingdom.

Me on the television

This is from 2010 when me, my dad and my little brother went on 1700 on Channel 31 to talk about our music. Luelin was smaller then.