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Unfortunately, YouTube has removed the VR Headset button for iPhone users.

But that's okay, you can still watch LuisVision following the steps below once you have built your headset, know how to wear it and are ready to play your LuisVision videos. All smartphone users can follow these steps on any phone, if you prefer not to use YouTube:

1. Download 'Headjack Link' from the app store. Download here - it's free!

2. Open the app. It will ask you to type in a pin code. Type: 307029. Press 'enter'. The app will now load and display three LuisVision videos.

3. Select a video by pressing on the video icon. Hit the 'play' button. Select 'stream'. Now select 'cardboard'. The app will ask you to place your phone horizontally and the video will start to play.

4. To display the video player interface, touch your screen. Aim the little dot curser to point at 'pause'. Press pause.

5. Now slide your phone into your LuisVision headset and align the middle line with the middle of your headset.

6. Press play and close your LuisVision headset. Enjoy!

If you have any issues, please let me know and I can try to help. Email

Thank you for your patience.

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