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LuisVision: Tips and Troubleshooting

Thank you for choosing to watch LuisVision instead of Netflix today.

This page will give you helpful tips and extra information in case you are having issues with the headset or my 360° videos. New technologies can sometimes be confusing - like remembering your Netflix password.

LuisVision is all very new and overwhelming. How do I start?

Please watch and follow this video: Activate Your LuisVision Headset.

I own expensive VR goggles that I would like to use. Can I watch LuisVision using that?

Yes. You can! Just download Headjack Link from your VR app store. Please follow the instructions on this page.


Can I still watch the LuisVision videos flat and not in 360°?

Yes. You can, but I would encourage you use the LuisVision headset or your own VR goggles. The videos are designed for watching with your headset on and you might miss a few things. When playing a video using Headjack Link, select 'Standard' instead of 'Cardboard' to watch the video without your VR goggles or LuisVision headset.

I have started playing the video. Can I make it look sharper?

You can! You can watch all videos in a higher resolution if you download the videos to your phone. In Headjack Link, once you have logged in, select 'Play' and then 'Download'.

I keep forgetting the pincode for Headjack Link. Do I have to type it in every time I use the app?

When you type in your pin code, you can select the 'remember' tick box so you don't have to keep logging in.

I am ready to watch LuisVision, but where should I sit?

Find a comfortable spot away from anything you might accidentally hit or knock over. I recommend sitting in the middle of a room. A swivel chair will also help so you can turn to look behind you easily.

I love audio. How can I improve the sound?

LuisVision is best experienced using earphones or headphones. Play the video, place the headset on your head, then wear your connected headphones/earphones.

Oh no. My smartphone is too thick! How can I fit it in the headset?

Please make your smartphone as thin as possible. This means you might have to remove your smartphone's case, any stickers, handles or PopSockets. Sorry. Remove them and re-insert into the headset.

I am using an iPhone. The two video squares look small and don't take up the full screen.

I am sorry about this. This is a bug affecting all iPhone 13 and 14 users. You can still watch LuisVision but it is just a little smaller. This will be fixed in December when Headjack Link release their app update. Please download the app again closer to Christmas and it should be okay.

What's the white elastic band on my headset for?

It is so your smartphone can grip to the headset better. It can sit on the top or the bottom, as long as it is touching your phone and keeping it in place.

My headsets eyepieces are bit dirty. Can I clean them?

Of course. Please use a clean, glasses-friendly cloth and a little squirt of water. Do not use Windex or a window-cleaning solution. It could damage the eyepieces and leave marks.

I have watched LuisVision and now I have some marks on my face. Do I need to go to hospital?

Take a moment and calm down and don't worry please, you might have the elastic strap around your head set too tight. If it is uncomfortable, please loosen it. LuisVision is broken up into three parts so you can take breaks. Please listen to your face, your eyes and ears and remove your headset if you have to.

Thank you for the information Luis but the fix to my problem is not on this page. What do I do now?

Please email me at and I can try and help.

Thank you Luis. I know everything now and there are no problems. I am enjoying LuisVision very much.

You are welcome. Thank you for your time.

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