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Music, interviews, games and good times. It's Radio Show Fantastico!

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Season 1. 20 minutes x 12 episodes. Scripted comedy.

From the depths of a musky wardrobe in Melbourne, sits Luis at his cassette deck, a microphone before him and a phone receiver in hand.

His brother Luelin is uncomfortably close and at the ready, a hundred sound effects and Luis’ self-produced album cued.

They are determined to make the most entertaining radio show in the world - or in their neighbourhood at least - if a loud rubbish truck doesn’t ruin their recording first.

A celebration of suburbia explored in the most heartwarming commercial radio show parody, on cassette, via podcast!

Hosted by Luis, a cat-obsessed showbiz enthusiast, who chews the fat with his ethnic neighbours, local shops and bemused celebrities that haven't blocked him yet.​ Featuring a blend of performers and real people.

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Luis and Luelin Brown. Brothers and presenters.


Yadna Yankushev

Russian. Crochet-enthusiast and video gamer.



Uruguayan. Soccer fan and chorizo maker.


Madeleine Tucker

Luis' showbiz nemesis and op-shopaholic.


Carmelo Smiles

Maltese. Physician and saxophonist.

While Luis is always hesitant to share the spotlight with his brother, he's more than happy to give airtime to his fans. Radio Show Fantastico invites listeners of all ages to call in and leave voice messages, with discussions, giveaways and games to engage with on the show and Luis' social media channels.

Radio Show Fantastico is a distinctly Australian, family-friendly podcast.

A nostalgic joyride that will leave you with a big smile on your face.

Produced with the assistance of Rove McManus.

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